Making a Request list for your DJ

  1. Do’s and Don’ts. If you are wondering why your DJ will not play your requests? The following tips will help.
    1. Get a professional! An experienced DJ will know what to play in the moment and how to work in your requests.
    2. Keep your list to 5 or 10 most requested by the school not by your class or club. This way the DJ is confident in playing songs that the majority of the students want. Have a way that the student body can make requests. The most duplicated songs make the list.
    3. Don’t take a picture of the request list from someone’s notebook.
    4. Don’t text the list. Email the typed list.
    5. Don’t send just the song title or just the artist. Title and Artist.
    6. Kinds of music are helpful. Example: we like Rap or we like EDM music. If a specific ethnic music is requested like Latin or Spanish, or even Country music, don’t expect your DJ just to know what to play. If you want more or less Slow songs, Be specific! This will help songs you request get played.
    7. On the list make notes of why or when you want certain songs played, like this is the Senior Song etc. For older songs or songs that are not popular mainstream, there needs to be a reason why you want that particular song. Otherwise it may not get played!
    8. Make Sure the songs you request’s are dance-able! This is crucial! There a lot of great songs out there that are great for the car but not on the dance floor.
    9. Random Songs: These are songs that are older or not mainstream or not popular. If the mainstream is rap and edm and you requests a random rock song from the 90’s, it may not get played.
    10. Songs must be clean or have clean versions.
    11. Songs need to be able to be purchased, YouTube versions are illegal to download.
    12. You have to give the DJ time! You can’t expect the DJ to find all of your music in a 24 hour period. Give them a week’s notice.
    13. If your DJ is still not playing your requests after following these guidelines, don’t be afraid to ask the DJ why? There could be a valid reason! If the DJ just chose not to or doesn’t have a valid reason, time to find a New DJ!