How much are you willing to pay for an Awesome Experience?

  1. Drive and Exotic Car 15 minutes = $500
  2. Skydive 6 minutes = $200
  3. Twenty One Pilots: 2 to 3 hours, 1 person, $188 to $285, travel expenses not included
  4. Movie: 2 hours, 2 people, 2 Drinks, Popcorn: Average $43
  5. Average Homecoming: 2 people, 3 hours $20 to $40 No Pictures
  1. Kids are willing to spend the money for an awesome experience!
    1. Kids are will to spend $43 to go to the movies and even more to go to a concert. Kids are will be willing to spend a little more for dances if the experience is worth the money.
    2. Question: What is the experience like at your School Dances? How early do kids leave at your school dances? Do kids complain about the DJ or the music? What is your Attendance?
  2. A few tips on your dances:
    1. Set the tone for year with Homecoming
    2. From Homecoming be consistent with all your dances, not just prom!
    3. The Music Experience must be amazing for the majority of the attendees
    4. First Impression, decorations need to be focused on the entrance
    5. DJ should be a professional! One that your students already know is helpful especially homecoming.
    6. The DJ setup should be above average
    7. Set an appropriate Budget!
  3. Improve the Experience = Better Attendance
    1. Be Patient, better attendance will come. it might take a few dances. kids need to see that you are serious about changing the experience!

When you look at this Experience, What do you see?

  1. Can you see the decorations?
  2. Does it seem well attended?
  3. Is it worth spending a little more?

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