Having A Summer Party?

When planning an inflatable toy party or Company picnic a few things to keep in mind.

  1. What age group are you planning on entertaining?
    1. Younger children under 5, Older children between 8 and 12, teenage, or adult
      1. This is crucial to the success of the party. Children under 5 cannot typically understand what to do or where to go in an obstacle course. But they can understand jumping up and down in a Jump house or sliding down a slide. Teenage kids like interactive and stratagem. Adults over 30 like to think they are still capable of competing with the teenage group. Obstacles and mechanical bulls are favorites.
    2.   How many participants will be in attendance?
      1. This is a common mistake. If you plan on having inflatable toys, make sure you have enough to fit your crowd size. If you have one or two jump toys and 300 kids, you will do more harm than good. Lines will be long and parents will be annoyed.
      2. Rule of thumb: 30 participants = 1 inflatable toy minimum. My suggestion is to have at least two. One for older kids and one for the younger. If you only do jump houses, the older kids will be bored. So make sure you have variety.
    3. Reputable company
      1. Consider the following suggestions and questions
        1. How long have they been in business?
        2. Do they staff the event?
          1. Insurance companies will not cover a claim if staff is not present!
          2. Trained and experienced staff help you manage your event. They make sure kids are safe.
        3. Do they carry worker’s compensation for their staff?
          1. May not seem important until a worker is hurt at your event. Liability could fall back on you.
        4. Do they anchor down their toys?
          1. Weights, stakes, sand or water bags are crucial especially for outdoor events. Wind is always a factor and come with no notice at all.
        5. Do they have a list of rules and guidelines?
          1. Rules and guidelines are there for safety. While sometimes rules can be annoying, rules keep kids safe. It is crucial that the company you choose to hire, have a set of rules or stands by the rules they have in place. Rules may consist of height restrictions or no flipping etc. on toys?!
        6. Do they clean their toys?
        7. Are their toys made in the USA?
          1. The USA made toys are typically more durable and will withstand more abuse, especially when adults are participating. Toys purchased from local chain stores are not industrial made. China made toys are not as durable. This is important. Toys that are not as durable can have more problems. Problems can cause injury.
        8. Pricing
          1. Keep in mind:
            1. Lower prices typically mean…
              1. The company does not deliver, or deliver and will not stay.
              2. The company does not have insurance
              3. The company buys china made toys
              4. The company does not staff their events
              5. Less experience
            2. Higher prices
              1. Staff
              2. Workers Comp
              3. Insurance costs
              4. Delivery costs
              5. USA made toys
              6. They Run a business not a hobby
            3. Weather
              1. This is Crucial when planning your event
                1. Wind is the most important.
                  1. On a windy or even breezy day, there is always gusts of wind. The Gusts of wind are dangerous. Typical rule of thumb breezy conditions 15 to 20 mph is taking a chance. Anything over 20, toys should be moved inside and cancelled. Toys inflated are like giant balloons and are easily moved.
                2. Anchoring toys with stakes and weights are important.
                  1. We suggest anchoring them to something larger like trees or poles. Especially of the direction that the wind is blowing from.
                3. Rain is not as crucial however the kids playing on a wet toy can be dangerous.
                4. 80 plus degree days and Sun.
                  1. The material can get hot very quickly. Try to set the toys up in the shade. Try too judge where the shade may be in the hottest part of the day. We encourage kids of wear pants and socks.
                5. Marketing
                  1. When doing Customer Appreciation Events consider the following:
                    1. Make A Statement: “Go BIG or Go Home” Small jump houses are typical. I recommend something unique, something that grabs attention. Like a giant slide. A giant slide could be 20’ tall. Everyone will see it. This grabs attention to the drive by. You have a better chance of someone stopping. You will have more kids begging mom and dad to stop. Have the Jump House too, but do something that gets their attention!
                    2. Something interactive is good. The best time on a mechanical bull or the fasted time in an obstacle course. This is something you can advertise as well. Give away prizes or offer discounts.