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Mechanical Bull

Mechanical BullThe Deluxe Mechanical Rodeo Bull is the best and safest mechanical bull you can ride!
Have a separate button on the home page for the mechanical bull with the pics and info, but put in a photo in the inflatable toy section.

Get into the theme of a wild west rodeo: using our lightweight motion base the Deluxe Bull is enhanced by the themed western corral inflatable and the mean looking Macho Bull body.

Safety is paramount so the Deluxe Mechanical Rodeo Bull is fitted with our unique Automatic Stop System (ASS)

As the rider grabs the rope the operator can activate the mechanical bull. As soon as the rider falls, the rope is released and the mechanical bull stops instantly. 

Bull 2Each one of the automatic Rodeo Bull programs is linked to the two LED digital time clocks giving the current time achieved so both the operator and the rider can see how long the rider stayed on the bull; there is also an additional LED clock on the rear of the showing the best time of the night so far; this is perfect for competitions. In addition the Rodeo Bull control features a ten speed manual control joystick, two stop buttons and a switch that allows you to disable the spin element of the ride.

To complete the Deluxe Mechanical Rodeo Bull it comes complete with a stylish Western Corral themed inflatable cushion. 
The Deluxe Mechanical Bull control console is housed in a console which looks like an old wooden crate to complete the theming.  There are six pre-set automatic competition levels which are linked to the LED time clocks.  In addition there is also a BEST TIME clock so everyone can see the time to beat.  The Auto Stop Sensor comes as a standard.

  • Easy 
  • Medium 
  • Hard 
  • Greenhorn (competition for beginners)
  • Cowboy (Competition for Experts)

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