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Corporate 1Our goal at A&B Productions is to provide the highest quality of entertainment with options to customize your event to perfection. We understand you want the right music and seasoned DJ's and MC's that have great personalities with energy to move your crowd into action. We want your corporate event to be different and memorable. By sitting down with your committee we'll help you accomplish just that. We review crucial timing, an order of the events, formats, and crucial interactive routines specifically placed during the evening to optimize energy and effectiveness. We have found that typically during many corporate events there are those in attendance that are the spouse of employees that are less comfortable. Through an effective and interactive plan, we help you create a comfortable mood and atmosphere which will help everyone (even those that may be uncomfortable) to get involved and participate in the party. Prior to the event we will sit down with you and discuss the entrance of your party, cocktail/mingling hour, dinner hour, speeches, introductions, awards and prize giveaways, music formats and interactive games, contests, and routines. With over 50 different options for interaction you will be able to customize your party to your guests comfort level and personalities. And most of all we help you so that YOU can enjoy the party right along with your guests. Let us help you make your company party or event different, exciting, and something to talk about all year long. Check our availability & begin planning your event at the top of our site or Contact Us today for a free, no obligation consultation. Be sure to checkout our Inflatable Toys and Outdoor Movies they are perfect for corporate events.

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